We are failing our children and grandchildren in our assignment to leave a legacy of knowing how to walk n the power of the Holy Spirit

Jesus told us that as the church matures, we would do greater things than He did, so that tells me we should be healing the sick, casting out demons and raising people from the dead. Pre-born babies certainly fall into that category.

The question is more about our lack of power than it is about the laws of the land. We are failing at our discipleship, and the solution for that problem is found in the mirrors we all stare into each morning.

Who are we? Are we believers or not? Do we love others as we love ourselves or not? I’m not interested in assembling to bash the beliefs of those we disagree with. I’m interested in problem-solving and maturing my relationship with Jesus Christ.

I want to see the church grow, and heal, and mature, and wise up, and step up to the plate when families are in the crises of rape, and poverty, and dysfunction of all sort. May God forgive me for failing your generation in modeling that kind of relationship with God,, and I pray that He will help me to grow and cultivate the faith it takes to heal these crisis scenarios that are “approved” for abortion.

God help us all to hunger and thirst to become THAT solution for America, and especially for her unborn. ” For whatsoever things are lovely and pure, and righteous, and holy, and of good report… let us think on, and CREATE those things.” Philippians 4:8 Loosely Translated.

The next question is… What are WE going to DO about this???

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